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Qué hacer si entra un extraterrestre en tu casa.

12 Dic

Hacía tiempo que no me pasaba por el blog de Las penas del Agente Smith. Muy recomendable una visitilla cada cierto tiempo. Te puedes encontrar cosas que quién sabe si en algún momento te resultarán útiles…como estas instrucciones de qué hacer si te encuentras un alienígena en tu casa (copio y pego sin ningún rubor):

First, in the time-honored words of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t panicThe alien standing in front of you evolved somewhere other than here. That means its biochemistry isn’t like that of earthly organisms — so you don’t have to worry about being eaten; it could no more digest you than you could digest sand.
Also, it’s far less likely that an alien would find you sexually attractive than it is that you’d get turned on by the sight of a squid. Indeed, you’re probably the butt-ugliest thing this alien has ever seen — so there’s no need to worry about guarding your virtue.

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