Un euro hecho de uranio.

11 Ene

“Proposed as an international monetary standard to replace the silver and gold that have traditionally set the world’s standards of values, uranium’s claim to this position is based on the fact that atomic fission can convert a part at least of any mass of uranium directly into energy. Energy, the ability to do work, is suggested as a far more logical basis of economic value than any possessed by the precious metals.

Several properties of uranium metal preclude its use in actual coins, particularly its hardness and the ease with which it oxidizes. The various proposals for international control of fissionable materials as a means to control atomic bombs, however, might lend themselves readily to the issuance of an international currency backed by centrally controlled uranium metal.

Under such a scheme, atomic energy could be the basis of a reasonable currency whose value would be keyed to available energy, upon which depends production, the true modern measure of wealth. While we may never jingle uranium coins in our pockets, we yet may spend paper currency or coins of more adaptable metals backed by uranium as our present silver certificates are by bars of that metal.”

Impresionante lo que saca la gente. Tranquilos que no es de ahora, pero casi es más aterrador ver que esto se proponía menos de dos años después del final de la II Guerra Mundial, tras las bombas nucleares de Hirosima y Nagasaki, según el artículo de Scientific American de donde lo he sacado.  Y es que hay gente pa tó.



Una respuesta to “Un euro hecho de uranio.”

  1. La chica que salió de la tarta enero 13, 2009 a 9:01 am #

    Ahi hablan del oro y metales preciosos pero lo del uranio podría ser el petróleo de nuestros días. En realidad es así.


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